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General search tips

The Sabinet Reference database allows you to conduct searches within various databases, in order to answer your specific information needs.
The search page allows you to make use of the following elements to conduct your search for optimum results:

• Keywords
• Boolean operators
• Exact word/phrase tick box

A keyword search allows you to type in the term or terms associated with the topic you are interested in. Always try to think of synonyms as well. Search terms are case insensitive.
In addition with your keywords, you can make use of a Boolean operator search, which allows you to implement the following elements: AND; OR; NOT. The system uses AND as a default. These operators must be typed in upper case.
You can also tick the "Exact Word/Phrase" box.

For example:

If you are interested in research done on milk production according to various cattle breeds you can type in: milk production cow
If you are interested in information about a specific breed you can also include, for example Guernsey
If you wish to exclude a specific breed from you search you can make use of the Boolean search, NOT Jersey

Advanced examples:

The keyword or any other fields may also be used to construct advanced queries with multiple expression combinations.

General notes

The Sabinet search pages were designed with the convenience of our users in mind.

• You can include as little, or as much information as you wish in your search, in the various fields available.
• You need not fill in the keywords field if you fill in any of the identified fields.

  Results Page Tips

What information is shown in the results?

The results page will display ten (10) items on the screen after you have done a search. The result which matches your search most accurately will appear at the top of the results screen.

The brief description is not an exact reflection of the PDF or Text item that you will access. The description is obtained by the system from the original OCR text to give you an indication of what is reflected in the document.

What are faceted filters?

Faceted browsing which makes use of faceted filters helps to reduce the number of results. This feature displays grouped information that you can use to filter or drill down into, to refine or narrow your search.

What happens when I click on a faceted filter?

Once you have clicked on a faceted filter, your results and faceted filters will be reduced to only those results relevant to the selected filter.

How can I get my original results back?

You can get your original results back at any time by clicking on the " Clear All Filters" button.

How can I refine my search?

If you want to refine your search or change it you have to click on “Click Here To View The Search Form” to open the search form. You can now fill in additional fields or make changes where applicable.

How do I access a full-text items immediately?

You will be able to identify a full-text item with either a PDF icon “ ” or a Text/HTML icon “ ” within your results on the left-hand side. If you hover over this icon it will show you the size of the item that you will download. When you click on it this item will open immediately.

What is an Action List?

The Action List option allows you to add selected items from your results list to "My Action List". The aim of this is to allow you to email, print, delete and manage the items that you have selected to enter this list. The Action List option only appears at the top right-hand side of a item listed in your results when you hover over that particular result.

How to add a result to the Action List?

Firstly, hover over a item in your results list. Then click on the icon which will add the item to your Action List. The item now enters your Action List. Now look at the "My Action List" icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The number in brackets next to your "My Action List" will indicate the number of items that you have placed in your Action List.

How to delete a result from your Action List?

Should you wish to remove a item from My Action List you can either click on the Remove this item from My Action List icon. Alternatively you can open your Action List by clicking on the“My Actions List” icon. There is a red icon with a cross next to each of the results in the Action List. By clicking on the icon a pop-up screen will display a message asking you to confirm that you want to delete the item. You can then confirm or cancel the request.

Please note:

1. The Action List will remain the same when you move from one database search to the next.
2. The Action List will be deleted when you end your session.


How do I print my results?

Add a item from your results to the Action List. Open the Action List and click on the printer icon next to the item to print the text of that item. Alternatively, click on the Print Summary icon below which will print a summary of all your items in your Action List. If a PDF is available you can open the PDF and print from the PDF reader.

How do I email my results?

Add a item from your results list to your Action List. From your Action List, click on the email icon next to your item to email only that item. You can email all the items in your Action List by clicking on the Email Items icon at the bottom of your Action List.